Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Layout

Egads! What has happened to le blog?!! discovered xD
Let's just say it took me the better part of last night to adjust everything to the way it looks now. I had to use the 'Edit HTML' option on Blogger and the last time I touched HTML, some of my subscribers were yet to be born, Yahoo! did not own Geocities, and "blogs" were known as "homepages". Thank god for Google search. Omg, talking 'bout Geocities and homepages, did any of you ever own an Angelfire or Lycos account? For the life of me, I can't locate my over a decade old Angelfire homepage, dude that thing was my baby man, I created that thing from scratch with html! Now you have all these fancy pants programs called Java, C+ and wotnots...bah! Bring back the old stuff I say, bring back Turbo Pascals screensavers and starting online chats with "a/s/l?" requests....ok...maybe not that last one xD
Anywayz, wanna cyber?
aznpryd man.


No! Don't go!!! Come back! Come back!

Go watch Avatar on IMAX 3D. Seriously, go right now. I still haven't forgiven Mr. Cameron for Titanic, but the visuals for Avatar are ABSOLUTELY amazing. My bum felt the 3 hours spent in the cinema chair afterwards, but my eyes and mind said it was still far too short. I wanna go sleep and wake up on Pandora.
The storyline is kind of rubbish, think Fern Gully mixed with Captain Planet and you're dead on, and the other thing that REALLY bothered me was that the Na'vi spoke English like African tribal people would. Don't know what I'm talking about? go watch Shaka Zulu and listen to how the actors speak, and you'll realise that the Na'vi sound just like them. No biggie for most people, but it irks me xD.
Anyways, go watch it.
Oooeh! I notice I can has new subscribers! Hi! thanks for subscribing! do leave a comment and say hello.
Lots of new posts coming up, including an EOTD, a tiny haul, a Sephora rant (another!) and a tag thingy. Keep reading!!!


  1. woot! looks great :D

    "the last time I touched HTML, some of my subscribers were yet to be born, Yahoo! did not own Geocities, and "blogs" were known as "homepages". Thank god for Google search"

    ROFLLLLL I could say the same exact thing

  2. lol the blog layout pic is funny XD
    anyway I don't read her blog so I don't know.
    but the frigging pig was everywhere I went :T
    Plus ma korean peeps kept talking about it and I felt out of the loop XD
    and yes, i found the ending anticlimactic as well. I was actually suprised seeing as it was pretty good up until the last episode.
    I just kept
    I was under the impression that angelfire died. But dang, that brings me back

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  4. I like the new layout! I am dying to go see Avatar. I went to the theater last Saturday and tickets were sold out until Monday...gah! I guess I have to wait until the hype has died down (don't think it will be anytime soon though)

    Love you blog and posts!

  5. Hello! =)
    I haven't watched avatar yet but I want to! The darn tickets are sold out each time I attempt to purchase! Grr and it's been out for at least two weeks already.. ):

    I love your layout BTW.. very chic ^^

  6. I'm just blog hopping and saw your post on "Avatar." I'm so jealous because I've been wanting to watch that, but I never have the chance! The movie is 3 hours long? Really?

  7. Ahaha. Love the humour in your post!
    I'm sure my bf would agree with you as he has ranted to me a bit about it before =P