Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lise Watier Pastel Power Spring 2013 Collection - swatches and review

Hellooooo lovelies! Happy New Year!!!
Did everyone have a good holiday season? Ours involved family, friends, turducken, fireball whisky and Backstreet Boys karaoke.
Anyway, now that all the festivities are over, it means Spring will be here soon right? So let's talk about some Spring collections! Back in November of last year (yes I am THAT behind!), Lise Watier previewed their Spring 2013 collection amid fois gras filled macarons and berry mousse served in lipstick tubes.
The collection is titled Pastel Power, and is said to be inspired by the elegance and pureness of small flowers reminiscent of Spring. I love the look that was created for this collection, it's not the traditional sweet pastel look as the eyes remain quite strong, also I am a total sucker for teal eyes and lightly flushed cheeks! I was told that the look was achieved with the Quatuor Pastel Power Eyeshadow Quartet and the Pink Powder blush.

Quatuor Pastel Power Eyeshadow Quartet
CAN$36 Limited Edition.
If you've ever had to work with pastel eyeshadows before, you'll know how much of a pain they can be. The ones I've encountered have all had weird chalky textures and poor pigmentation, this quad proves that pastel eyeshadow needn't have any of those bad qualities! Lise Watier have somehow managed to create pastel eyeshadows that have a smooth buttery texture and excellent colour pay off, all the while retaining that ethereal dream-like quality of pastels. The texture of this quad felt very similar to the Les Cognacs quad that was released with the Millesime collection, and like that quad, this one can also be used wet or dry. 
I also like how the shadows all have a slight pearlescent/shimmery finish which makes them easier to wear than a flat matte pastel. Lasting time is a solid 8-9 hours with primer.
Pink Powder Blush
CAN$30. Limited Edition.
This is the most beautiful blush I have seen in a really really long time (possibly ever!) and is, in my opinion, the star item of this collection. The embossing is absolutely gorgeous and, as far as I can tell, the sakura blossom pattern goes all the way through. I've been using mine almost non-stop since I've received it and the embossing is still very apparent.
The blush itself consists of a matte, mid-tone, blue pink base with light, beigey-pink flowers that act as a highlighter. The flowers have a gold pearl/shimmer finish that gives the blush a lovely glow when swirled together but does not enhance pores
Texture is smooth and very finely milled. I use a fluffier brush as it is quite heavily pigmented, intensity can be built by layering. Lasting time is around 6-7 hours.
Even if you get nothing else from this collection, get this blush! It is beautiful to look at and the colour is universally flattering.
Rouge Plumpissimo Lipstick in Corail Punch
CAN$21. New shade.
I am SO glad that Lise Watier has finally ditched that awful liquorice scent from their Rouge Plumpissimo line, instead, they now share the same cake-like scent as their Rouge Gourmand line.
This lipstick has a frost finish which is not the most flattering finish around as it emphasises lip lines and dry lips like crazy. Texture is smooth and applies easily. I felt the formula was slightly drying on my lips. Wear time is around 3 hours without any intense drinking or eating.
If this had a creme or satin finish I would probably like it more but as it is that last photo just makes me want to scrub my lips with a Brillo pad.
Eye Shine liner in Vert Sarcelle
CAN$19. New shade.
I am a HUGE fan of the Black Gold Eye Shine that was released with Lise Watier's Glamour Rose holiday collection so I was thrilled to find out that a new shade would be released with this Spring collection. Vert Sarcelle, like its name implies, is a blackened teal with a slight metallic sheen. The formula is smooth and applies without any tugging. Colour is rich and it lasts all day on my waterline without any smudging.
The colour isn't as exciting as Black Gold and I can't help but wish they'd included a bit more oomph (gold or teal flecks maybe?) but nonetheless a good quality teal pencil is hard to find and so this a welcome addition to my collection.
Nail Lacquer in Power Punch
CAN$13 Limited Edition.
A new, limited edition, shade in Lise Watier's innovative light cap bottle. Cream finish and lasts about 3-4 days on me. Kind of a boring colour imho but if you are into conservative, easy to wear nail colours then this one is quite pretty. I just personally need fireworks when it comes to my nails.

The collection will be available for purchase in February 2013 online at www.lisewatier.com and at select Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs.


  1. The blush is beautiful! Will probably get it! :D

  2. As soon as I saw the promo pictures of this collection, I knew that I needed that blush! It's so pretty. Now that I've seen the swatches, I know without a doubt that the blush will be an addition to my collection. Thanks to the other "tine" for offering to pick it up for me.

    Thank you for all of the very lovely swatches! I thought that the eyeshadow palette looked kind of blah but swatched, the colors are very pretty.


  3. Thanks so much for your honest opinion! I'll be purchasing some of this collection tomorrow, and now I'll scratch the lipstick off my list. The blush is so beautiful!! Can't wait to own it. :)