Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Clio Twisturn Waterproof Turnliner, Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner, & Clio Fresh Lip & Eye Remover swatches and review

I've been whining for ever for a green liquid liner. I don't know why no one seems to make a decent green liquid liner!! And before anyone mentions the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners, I actually own two of those but the formula seems to burn the skin around my eyes T.T Whyyyyy MUFE??!! Whyyy must I be allergic to everything you make??!!
But good things always happen to those who whine!! Yumeko happened upon an advert for Clio's Twisturn Waterproof Turnliner, I begged her shamelessly for a CP and in no time the liners were making their way to me! Fanks Capy for braving epileptic fit inducing Gmarket for us! *insert confetti pedobear*
Korean popstar Lee Hyori is the brand's ambassador. Here is hilarious and long advert for the Twisturn liner.
I don't know if they were a GWP (Gift-With-Purchase) or just free samples from the seller, but each Twisturn liner came with a mini Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner and a mini Clio Fresh Lip &Eye Remover. I think we paid around $11 for the liner on Gmarket and they are $16 on Ebay.
The Twisturn liners come in 8 different shades, Urban Black (black), Club Black (grey/black with silver sparkles), Night Purple (purple), Stage Navey (navy), Urban Khaki (green), Star Silver (silver), Star Gold (gold), and Brown Earth (brown). I ended up getting Urban Khaki, Stage Navey and Night Purple.
Stage Navey:
Night Purple:
Urban Khaki:
  • Cheap compared to the MUFE Aqua Liners;
  • Brush tip is easy to use;
  • Shimmery metallic finish;
  • Longlasting, waterproof with no smudging or peeling;
  • Does not irritate my eyes like the MUFE liners do; and
  • It comes in green (yes that is a pro in my books);
  • Colour difference not really noticeable on the eye;
  • Clicking mechanism quite shoddy - either nothing comes out or a whole blob of product comes out;
  • Not opaque in one swipe; and
  • A bit hard to find for those outside of Asia.
Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner in 01 Beige Shine:
I quite like this Gelpresso pencil!!! It is perfect for the water-line and for highlighting inner corners. The fact that it is self-sharpening is also a huge plus in my books as it means I won't need to lug a sharpener with me.

Clio Fresh Lip & Eye Remover:
This is a bi-phase makeup remover much like Lancome's Bi-Facil. It removed my eye makeup quite effortlessly and did not leave the eye area overly greasy or dried out. I personally found I did not have to rinse after using this remover. Will definitely hoard these for use during trips!


  1. LOL @ the ad. What did I just watch?? Her eyeliner looks a little too elongated in it too o.O

  2. ah u didnt explain how u did the surgery on the purple one and we thought it was a dud
    u need to share ur knowledge with the world in case other people get a pretend dud too ok XD

    1. bwahaha wtf they can just order a new one ok. I'm sure if whine to seller it will be replaced xD

  3. i like the gelpresso liner tooooo!

    also i am miffed purple not as awesomely vibrant as it looks on Lee Hyori in gmarket pics. wtf gmarket lying?!?!!? this is an outrage. but at least i can ermahgerd silently to self that liner is pretty purple even tho no one else can fucking tell. XD

  4. will blog for chicken wings XD Hahahaha!
    i have the gelpresso liners (pencil ones) too! never got around to using them XD thanks for your feature - i'll give them some love now

  5. Hello, sorry for such a late reply!!
    Hyori makes anything look hot! These liners look pretty good, you draw some pretty amazing lines. Mine normally look like zigzags! Oh and they're waterproof and don't smudge? I never find any liners of that standard :(

    I'm currently doing my legal course before I start my training, not sure if they have such a course in Canada? it's basically another way to torture law students and see how many wrinkles and how much hair will they have left after finishing yet another round of diabolical examinations. The field I would like to go into is maritime insurance (so contract basically). Hopefully that's a good one to go into, i do enjoy insurance as I had some work experience in that field. Which field are you in at the moment? I was actually going to tweet this whole convo to you but I thought it would be way too long!

    Hope you are well dearest, and I love your dog, it's ADORABLE! xX

  6. where can I find this? I am in the USA

    1. Hi, you can buy it from ebay or Gmarket. I got mine from Gmarket.