Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kate Art Dial Mascara review

I don't often review mascara, but I have a rather bizzarro one for you guys today! This is the Art Dial mascara from Japanese cosmetics brand Kate, an off shoot of the Kanebo brand, and it was released during their Spring 2012 collection. Fellow crazy cat lady Liz gifted me with this when she came back from her trip to Japan, thanks Liz!
Around $24 in Japan
Kate sez: 
"A highly functional mascara that allows you to do fine mascara work that cannot be accomplished with conventional mascara bottles. Easily work with groups of lashes to create the lash type of your choice."
Nunu sez:
I'm not very fussy with mascara, they're all more or less the same for me. I have favourites (MaxFactor 2000 Calorie) and some are truly awful (The Body Shop) but most give me the same results.
The Art Dial mascara is unique in that it has a slanted comb dispenser instead of the traditional brush applicator. You twist a dial (I guess that's why it's called "Art Dial"?) at the bottom of the tube to load the comb up with mascara. The dial turns with a satisfying click and by paying attention to the clicks I've so far managed to avoid over loading the comb.
The formula is "wetter" than traditional mascaras because you're essentially getting it "fresh" every time. There is no clumping, not even with multiple coats! Unfortunately this isn't the type of mascara that gives amazing volume or length, it just leaves lashes defined, separated and glossy. It's also not waterproof and it doesn't really hold a curl.
The thing that makes me neglect this mascara is how tricky the application is, the applicator is awkward and takes getting used to, especially on the lower lashes, so I always end up with mascara smeared all over my eyelid. I end up having to tug my eyelid up so that the lashes are easier to get to with the comb.
Conclusion: Too expensive, too difficult to use and mediocre results. Skip.

See how smeariffic it is?
Bonus pics: Ahjumma hair (as D would call it) with my new Rowenta Curl Active curling iron that I'll be reviewing soon!


  1. this mascara does look really cool
    its good that it doesn't clump but its a shame it doesn't really good much apart from that :(

    1. Yeah way too much effort for too little gain!

  2. The mascara wand is interesting.. Too bad the formula isn't that great :( Love the last picture haha! :)

  3. too bad this didn't work out well, the applicator looks like it would be easy to use!

    1. It's so flippen hard to use! It would've been better if it was a comb that is perpendicular with the tube like some of the Rimmel mascaras.

  4. Lol ahjumma hair! If that's ahjumma hair, then you'd be one freaking sexy ahjumma!

    Wow, I didn't know Kate had such a pricy mascara but I guess because the concept of it is unique. It's a shame about all of the cons though, especially since I would think the comb might make it good for your lower lashes but it didn't. =\

    P.S. Love your nail polish! So pretty.