Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kiehl's Pampered Pooch Collection, Hobo Puppeh's first review!

I was just lying there, taking a snooze, minding my own business...
When all of a sudden, my ferocious and unwilling to be bathed self was unceremoniously dumped into a tub of the wet stuff!!
I was sudded up and dunked, and scrubbed and rinsed, and brushed and blown, until I looked like this:
Ohmaidog!! They've turned me into a girl!!! HALP!! my sexy machismo scent is gone!! Do you know how long I had to roll around in the park to make me smell like that?!
 Look at this blinding shade of white I have turned!
My girlfriend is gonna dump me cos I smell too girly!! and it's all your fault!
These 3 bottles are to blame!
Indignant dog is indignant
Indignant dog may be indignant, but we couldn't be happier with the Kiehl's Cuddly Coat shampoo and conditioner.
We often wonder if Lucky is indeed a dog and not a skunk because he sure smells like one. He will, without fail, find the stinkiest spot of the park and proceed to log roll all over it. There's a reason why we've nicknamed him "Hobo Puppeh", the smellier and dirtier he is, the happier he is.
The Kiehl's Pampered Pooch range is soap free and PH-balanced which comes as good news for those doggehs who need to be bathed more often or those who have sensitive skin. It is also has Chamomile flower extract which gives a lovely lingering scent. Actually we find the scent so intoxicating that we've been burying our face into Lucky's coat at every opportunity much to his disgust!
The conditioner detangles and leaves his coat amazingly soft. Oh so squishy soft....*nuzzle nuzzle*...oops sorry got distracted there, but seriously, his coat is SO soft! He is more like a small walking cloud really.
Everything rinses clean with minimal effort and whites are left bright with no yellowing.
We're also fans of the Spray-N-Play Cleansing Spritz which is a rinse free shampoo intended for use in-between baths. As the HoboPup deems a walk unsuccessful unless he comes homes with brown feet, with this spritz, we no longer have to first wet his paws, apply shampoo, and rinse whilst holding him awkwardly in the basin.
I highly recommend these products for the pampered pooch in your life!

The shampoo, conditioner and spritz is available as a kit on for $44. Kiehls Canada does not appear to sell the kit but you can buy the shampoo and conditioner separately for $20 each and the spritz goes for $16.
A PR sample of the products were provided.
Please sir, I want some more


  1. Aw your Hobo Puppy dog is so cute scruffy or super cleaned up. The Kiehl's pooch line really works well, looks like professional job. I wish they had a kitty line. I really love his red bow too.

    Is he a certain breed or a mix? Wah I love him, he looks like a doll

  2. i'm sorry, i did not read a single word you wrote because i am blinded by the cute!

    your puppeh, can i cuddle with him? <3

    what breed is he?

  3. oh man this is too many levels of adorable!!! haha had no idea kiehls had a pooch line!

  4. Lol! Cuteness Maximus! Hobo Puppeh is so adorable and nice and fluffy!

  5. Your puppeh is too cuuuuuute...I have a friend who swears by Kiehl's for her dog...She always jokes his shampoo is more luxurious than her drugstore one.... Awwwww....your dog looks so cuddly...

  6. I didn't know dogs needed conditioner?! The Spray-N-Play Cleansing Spritz is a must try. My dogs love to trudge in muddy rain water when I'm not looking and spot cleaning is a pain in the behind -__-

  7. Ah, Hobo Pupeh got le stank yeux :) He is so fluffy and white and cute. I want to hug him!

  8. He's so cute and fluffy!!
    So clean ^^ I actually thought he was a soft toy ^-^

  9. OMG that was such a cute and creative blog post! You dog is so super cute too.. omg it's so fluffyyyyyyyy XD

  10. LOL this post is so cute, both content and pic! :D

  11. Oh my God your puppy is so cute! What an adorable post!

  12. your dog is the cutest! haha I love how he says you turned him into a girl :D

    thanks for the warm welcome back! :)

  13. OH MY GOODNESS! How handsome does Hobo Puppeh look here? Great review!

  14. your pooch is so cute, i can't believe he can sit there so still!

  15. Yes, your pooch is adorable! I think I'm about the same complexion as you so I'll definitely be back to see what else you post! thanks for sharing!