Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lise Watier Plumpissimo Rouge and Gloss review

On Sunday, the boy raised his head long enough to give feeble mumble of "Tylenol" before faceplanting right back into the couch.
Ha! serves him right for drinking like a fish the night before!
So because I didn't want to hear his moaning and whining I trotted to the friendly neighbourhood London Drug to pick him up some pain killers.
Of course the moment I got there, the sky decided to open and pour buckets. This is Vancouver, what did I expect right? So what's a girl to do inside a pharmacy to kill time? browse the make-up section of course!

I ended up coming home with these: (plus Tylenol Extra Strength xD)

Rouge Plumpissimo in Neutre and Plumpissimo Le Gloss in Nude.

What is it:
Lise Watier is a Canadian founded cosmetics brand, but is apparently available in France, Saudi Arabia and America according to the brand's website. Prices are in the high-middle end to low-high end range. In addition to a colour cosmetics line, they also have a skin care range.
The gloss claims to be a "Plumping anti-aging gloss with Hyaluronic Filling Spheres", and the lipstick claims to give "High impact colour" and "Plumping" whilst being "Paraben free".


Left: Rouge Plumpissimo in Neutre. Right: Plumpissimo Le Gloss in Nude

My naked lips for reference. Bits of white stuff stuck to it is tissue xD

Lip swatch Plumpissimo Le Gloss in Nude

Rouge Plumpissimo in Neutre

What I think:
I like the gloss! I do however, have a few qualms with it which I will tell you about later.
Nude is a dusty rose with a very fine golden pearl which gives it an absolutely incredible sense of depth and dimension when swatched.
I didn't feel any stickiness from this gloss; as an experiment I threw my own hair into my face and it didn't stick to my lips!
In terms of wear time,  it is quite a thin gloss with a lot of slip and as a result has a shorter wearing time than a MAC gloss.
On application, you'll feel the minty tingle that is typical of all plumping glosses, but this feeling goes away after a few minutes. I can't speak much as to its plumping properties as I don't have very thin lips where plumping might be more evident, but I can tell you it didn't give me Angelina's lips.
The reason why I only LIKE this gloss and not LOVE it is because it tastes really really REALLY bad. Think an odd fruity smell, mixed with toothpaste, plus liquorice! Ewwwwww! I HATE LIQUORICE! I kid you not, that's what it tastes like! Well to me anyway. The taste will gradually get less potent after 10 or 20 minutes but seriously in the beginning, I feel like I'm being forced to drink Chinese herbal medication T.T

When I saw the lipstick in store, it looked like it was practically oozing oil, when I swatched it, it had a very glossy pigmented finish, and I thought, "Score! a lippy with a glossy finish!". When I opened mine at home, however, it had none of that ooziness :( but that's not to say it's a shoddy product, it might have been that the one I swatched in store was just more warmed up xD
Neutre is a peach based nude that reminds me very much of my beloved MAC Hue (which has been smooshed to death R.I.P.).
It is semi-sheer, but buildable to a reasonable cover. On my lips, it lightened my natural lip colour.
The texture is smooth, wear time is around 4-5 hours depending on how often you eat or drink, and has it has a cream finish.
I get zero bleeding, but I can't guarantee the same will go for a darker colour.
Although this isn't a drying lippy, I would still recommend wearing some lipbalm underneath to prevent the colour from sinking into lip lines. For some incomprehensible reason nudes always emphasise liplines.
Once again I cannot speak to its plumping properties. You'll have to rely on photos for that.
Although it is nowhere near as bad as the lipgloss, it still has the same smell and taste >__>

The gloss and the lippy are both CAN$20 each plus tax, however, lucky me caught it on special at 2 for CAN$25!!!! YES! I got both the gloss and the lipstick for $25!!!! The special is still going on at London Drug Pharmacies!!! GO GO GO! .....wait....don't go yet...let me grab a couple more first!xD

I really really like the gloss, it is such a gorgeous colour, the fact that it's non-sticky makes it ruddy brilliant. The only thing I'm gonna moan about is that it tastes absolutely vile and also has a brush applicator.
The lipstick formula is very much a dupe of MAC's cremesheens. Pigmentation is decent, and it doesn't dry lips out. Neutre is a good shade if you're looking for a rosy nude.



    I nearly fell out of my chair from that comment, you are just TOO CUTE!

    That gloss looks good, but I have sensitive lips and cannot stand any tingly/minty feel on them. I tried Lip Venom and it nearly burned my lip off. Scary stuff.

    Anyways.... o___0

    2 for $25 is a good deal, but too bad I'm attempting to save a little money... =/

  2. Wow, that's an awesome deal. Shoppers never has LW on sale, ever, and I don't have London Drugs, lol. Would love some more Plumpissimo Le Gloss, I love them

  3. Haha...I'd totally do the same. XP Love the lippie colors. Damn, when is Lise Watier going to travel south?

  4. XD i love ur posts~ love when u inject fun like ooziness
    yeah if they taste nasty i probably wouldn't have been able to stand it. that and smell just don't go well for me.
    but i love how the colours look!

  5. nice colour gloss but OMG i hate liquorice too!! i esp hate it when candies come in dark purpley or black and i think they are grape....that bite is just gross!

  6. I actually like the Neutre better on your lips. It's a nice color. :)

  7. the colours look so pretty! they show up really nice on your lips! i dunno if i want liquorice in my mouth though =S

  8. Noice! Thanks for the swatches! I haven't tried any of Lise Watier's lippies as of yet.